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API for accessible hotel and flight bookings

Travaxy provides accurate accessibility information about accommodation for travelers with disabilities and senior travelers. Using our api transforms every travel agent to an accessibility expert.

Travel agents have hard life dealing with accessible travel

Dealing with accessible travel is not simple. There are many accessibility types and to find the right hotel is not easy. Agents need to call several hotels till they find the right hotel – if they can find one at all.

Travaxy’s API comes to solve the discovery of hotels for accessible travel

With over than 100 data elements on each hotel and hotel rooms we know what your clients need. We survey the …..


Travaxy provides accurate accessibility property information for disabled/senior travelers, so every travel agent/travel OTA will be able to match the right hotel to the right disability type and needs. Helping reduce customer treatment time and make zero mistakes.


Travaxy provides Airlines with accurate passenger disability information and assistance needed. Travaxy is notifying the airline on the time of the booking and 48 hours prior to the passenger arrival so the travel agent/traveler won’t have to do so.


Travaxy integrates this API solution to GDS and travel API’s that most of the travel industry players are already connected to, This ensures easier integrations and takes less time to connect.

Our API is simple to use


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About Travaxy

Travaxy is the world‘s first travel & booking platform that enables people with disabilities and senior citizens to plan and book accessible trips in a simple and efficient way. Existing online booking sites do not have the tools or knowledge to provide services to travelers with various disabilities; the possibilities are very few and often do not satisfy the special needs of the travelers. Things such as ordering an on-line flight ticket, booking a hotel room or renting an accessible car are not obvious for a disabled person. Most sites do not even have the option, and where there are certain services, they do not cover a whole vacation and are not done automatically, but require the traveler to spend a lot of time and energy on phones calls, emails and online searches. As of today, travelers with disabilities must call or send an email to the service providers explaining their specific needs. This makes it difficult to reserve a vacation due to language gaps, physical challenges and additional restrictions, sometimes to the point of giving up the vacation altogether. The information scattered on blogs and websites is often outdated, so that a traveler with a disability may arrive at the site and suddenly discover that it is not accessible.

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