Turning travel providers into accessibility experts

Online and offline travel agencies struggle to accommodate travelers with special accessibility needs.

Many lack the necessary tools and knowledge to provide booking services for senior travelers and those with disabilities. Consequently, the options available often fail to meet the expectations and requirements of these travelers.

Travaxy’s revolutionary APIs and SaaS solutions empower B2B travel partners to book accessible holidays seamlessly. By enabling both online and offline travel agencies to effortlessly book worry-free holidays, flights with airline notifications, and accommodations tailored to specific disability types and needs, Travaxy transforms the process from hours or even days to mere seconds.

Travaxy’s solutions effectively turn every travel agency into an accessibility expert. Our APIs significantly reduce search time for suitable hotels and also automate the notification process to airlines regarding passengers’ accessibility needs.



Travaxy provides accurate accessibility information for disabled and senior travelers, enabling travel agents and travel OTAs to match the right hotel to specific disability types and needs. This reduces customer response time and eliminates mistakes.


Travaxy supplies airlines with precise disability information and assistance requirements for passengers. The system automatically notifies the airline 48 hours prior to the passenger’s arrival, relieving the burden from travel agents and travelers.


Travaxy’s APIs seamlessly integrate with Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) and commonly used travel APIs within the industry. This ensures smoother integrations and reduces the time required to connect.

Travaxy’s API/SaaS is simple


Travaxy’s accessible travel APIs grant access to their comprehensive database, offering services such as the airline notification API, accessible hotel offers, and certification. Our IT team ensures fast and effortless integration with Travaxy.

GDS ready

Travaxy integrates its APIs solution to GDSs/OTAs and travel APIs that most travel industry companies connect to. It is ensuring easier integrations and less time to connect. We are here to support you every step of the way.

We are here for you!

Our dedicated team of programmers and support staff is ready to assist you with any issues or questions that may arise.


The first B2B accessible travel APIs for travelers with disabilities and senior travelers. We enable offline and online travel agencies, travel APIs, GDSs, and wholesalers to find the most accurate offers based on disability types and needs, ensuring worry-free holidays. Our flights, airline notifications, and accommodation offers are generated in seconds, saving you time and effort. Our APIs offer fast and easy integration, transforming your travel agency into a disability travel expert!

By partnering with us, your organization saves time, money, and most importantly, ensures the satisfaction of happy and returning customers.

“Disability only becomes a tragedy when society fails to provide the things needed to lead one’s daily life”

“Judith Heurmann”

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